Learn More About HD-SDI

High Definition Serial Data Interface

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HD-SDI Key Benefits

Broadcast Quality Images
up to 20x better than analogue
Uses Co-Ax cable
So easy to upgrade from analogue
100% digital
for less noise & interference issues
It's a global standard, so no compatibility issues
Unlike IP which can vary

There's no question that growing popularity of HD TV and SKY HD equipment within the general population has increased consumer expectations. What they see on TV they expect to see the same quality or better on their CCTV footage. I've created an outline below of some of the key facts about HD as a basic introduction for beginners and a handy referral to those already involved.

...What is HD-SDI CCTV?

HD-SDI stands for High Definition Serial Digital Interface, but most people call it by the abbreviation HD-SDI. In essence the main advantage over traditional analogue CCTV systems is HD-SDI sends video in a digital uncompressed format to deliver staggering picture quality. Compared with a CIF recorder, our HERO HD DVR will record 20X the image quality !!

The extra detail you can see on the video from an HD-SDI camera can often lead to a criminal conviction whereas the analogue camera would have not captured sufficient detail to convict.

Since many CCTV installations already have existing co-ax cable installed, the upgrade path to High Definition CCTV will be less expensive by utilising HD-SDI technology rather than IP. Plus there are other benefits including little set up or IT knowledge is required, basically it's easy to fit!

You don't need to upgrade every CCTV camera to HD-SDI at once on a site. By say upgrading 4 key areas like entrances, exits and tills with an HD-SDI DVR and four cameras you add massive value to a CCTV installation without changing it all. However please be aware because HD-SDI is a digital solution and traditional CCTV is analogue, you can not mix the two technologies. For example, an HD-SDI camera will not work on an existing analogue DVR and an HD-SDI DVR will not work with a traditional analogue CCTV camera.

Why use HD-SDI CCTV?

Aside from the obvious advantage of broadcast quality images to help with clearer identification on recorded CCTV footage, HD-SDI also has a number of advantages over IP alternatives.

HD-SDI works with standard RG59 co-ax cable allowing an easy upgrade path for installers to replace analogue CCTV equipment without re-cabling a premises or modifying the customer's network configuration.

Using RG59 cabling means that an HD-SDI CCTV system isn't reliant on the restrictions presented trying to transmit CCTV images over a network. It is a robust standalone solution that doesn't suffer from network interruptions caused by bandwidth issues or latency in processing signals and data. This means smoother images with no unexpected lapses in recording.

HD-SDI is also a global standard whereas IP standards and solutions do vary across the market. Although “ONVIF” (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is trying to set IP standards in reality many IP CCTV products in the real world fail to work with each other correctly, where as HD-SDI has far few issues.

What is the future for HD-SDI?

Further exciting developments in HD CCTV are currently taking place which will see even more benefits for embracing this technology, these include sending the signal further without the use of repeaters (200mtr plus), down CAT5/6 cable and bi-directional communication. HD-SDI will really give IP CCTV a good run for its money over the next few years when you consider its practical advantages for system upgrades.

In conclusion...

HD-SDI is an opportunity for users of CCTV equipment to get huge benefits in system performance and it's a great opportunity for CCTV installers to win new business on the trade winds that the new technology generates.