• The Alien Mega Hero DVR
  • The Alien MaxPIX DVR
  • The Alien MaxPIX+ DVR
  • The AlienMax HD DVR
  • The AlienHybrid DVR

The alienDVR range is wide and diverse

There really is a model to suit every application...

    Things to consider when making your selection:

  • Make sure you have a good idea of your needs.
  • What is the actual problem that you need to solve?
  • Make a list of requirements prioritise those requirements so you can choose a DVR that is suitable for the most important.
  • Does you want the best quality regardless of budget or the best quality you can buy for your budget?
    • Future upgrade path:

    • Make sure you�ve considered a possible upgrade path.
    • 4 channels might be suitable for your business right now but will you need to upgrade in a year�s time?
    • Ideally choose an alienDVR that suits your future needs.

Quick Comparison

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Which DVR should I choose?

Alien MegaHero 4 or 8 Channel - Small compact size

Alien MegaHero DVR

The 4 and 8 channel alien MegaHero are both particularly popular models because of their small compact size. Great for installing in tight spaces! Featuring HD quality recording in 720p @ 25fps in real-time on all channels! The 4 channel MegaHero is a quiet model because it doesn�t require a fan, this makes it especially good for installing in homes!

Alien MegaHero 16 Channel - High spec without the high price!

Alien MegaHero DVR

A good all-rounder with up to 16 cameras. It can be used as a standalone video surveillance product or as part of a powerful surveillance network, making it perfect for home or small business applications. Records HD quality in 720p @ 25fps in real-time on all channels! Has all the versatility of remote monitoring by Internet or Smart Phone just like all alien models.

Alien MaxPix 16 Channel 24TB - Max spec for high end installs

Alien MaxPix DVR

Great for high-end installs as the alien MaxPix provides real-time recording on all camera channels and a large capacity for up to 24TB of HDD storage. Choose this model when high quality real-time footage over a long period of time is key. Great for the public sector as it boasts the Instant Detective Video analytics features.

Alien MaxPixPLUS 16 Channel 48TB - Max storage with all the extras!

Alien MaxPix DVR

Looking for more space and extra IP ports? The alien MaxPix+ has all the features of the MaxPix and more. It can take up to 48TB over 8HDD, records at 1080p @25fps, includes 16ch audio and has an extra LAN port.

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