alien MAXPix and MaxPix+ DVR

Even more features than the alien MegaHero...

• Additional Built-in HDD
� up to 4 x 6TB = 24TB
• Additional Cameras
� up to 18 IP Cameras!
• Additional External HDD
� using rear eSATA port
• Additional Audio Outputs
� 2 phonos
• Additional Audio Inputs
� 4 configurable inputs
• Additional USB Inputs
� 2 on front 1 on rear
• Additional Video Output
� BNC along with HDMI/VGA
• Additional DVD Option
� Factory fitted on ordering
• Additional CPU
� For faster multi-tasking
• Additional Talkback Zone
� Dual Zone Talkback
• Professional Case
� for 19" Rack mounting if needed
• Built in PSU
- for simpler & neater installation

With the ability to record HD-TVI cameras over co-ax, the MaxPix is a great choice to upgrade any existing CCTV system. Out of the box like the MegaHero it can record existing analogue cameras plus the ability to record new HD-TVI cameras and also IP cameras! The upgrade path couldn't be easier as it can be done in stages leaving some existing cameras installed and swapping them one by one as needed. With the ability to record HD cameras your customer will not be disappointed with the truly outstanding results it achieves.

Mix & Match Technology
The alien MaxPix has mix & match technology. It is compatible with analogue, HD-TVI and IP so you are spoilt for choice with which cameras to fit!
720P up to 25FPS!

The alien MaxPix can give you up to 720p @ 25fps.

Alarm inputs on all channels!
That's 16 Channels with 16 alarm inputs on the alien MaxPix!
4 Channel Audio
Talkback to customers, visitors or intruders with an alien MaxPix DVR.
Up to 6 HDD!

The alien MaxPix can take 6 HDD at 6TB each, giving you up to 24TB storage.

Free DNS Service!
Remotely monitor your CCTV from anywhere in the world with the FREE alienDDNS service!
Instant Detective fast search!
Video analytics that finds what happened and fast without reviewing hours of footage!
Multi Channel Playback
Operators can see what happened where and when using the DVR's multi-channel playback feature to view up to 16 cameras at once on the same screen! The alien MaxPix even allows synchronised playback to watch the build up to an event on multiple cameras at once.
Mobile Phone
Using the latest generation of smart phones, live CCTV images can be viewed from the alien and the phone connect software even allows Pan & Tilt control of compatible PTZ cameras. iPad, iPhone & Android apps are available for free.
Email Notification
The alien MaxPix sends an email with 3 JPEG attachments showing the “activated” CCTV camera image taken before, during and just after the alarm event occurs.
Network & Remote Monitoring
The alienVision remote monitoring software is supplied free with the DVR so the user can connect to the alien DVR from anywhere in the world and watch live or recorded images on a standard PC or laptop!
Easy HDD Management
HDD management allows critical cameras to be allocated certain drives for recording. For example, a key camera overlooking a till can be allocated 1 drive for its recording. Allowing for a extended recording period over the till area.
Intelligent Recording
The alienDVR range has an intelligent alarm recording function that allows any camera channel with video motion detection set up to have a background recording frame rate and an alarm recording frame rate.
Electronic Mapping
eMaps can be embedded into the superb alienVision software to enable the user an easy way to select and see images from a camera in a simple and intuitive graphical user interface.
VoiceOff Ready for Talkback
Using the VoiceOff alarm activated audio warning unit you can playback up to 9999 pre-recorded audio files to welcome visitors or warn off intruders. It even works as a talkback amplifier. For more information visit: