1. Go Large
You should, typically,select a larger hard drive
HD-SDI Cameras produce a high resolution digital video signal that's not compressed so it needs larger storage requirements than analogue CCTV to record data for the same period of time as a conventional analogue DVR.
2. 100m Rule
Maximum cable run is 100m without HD-SDI repeaters
The maximum recommended cable run is 100m with HD-SDI and most HD-SDI CCTV systems will simply not function on runs above 150m without repeaters being installed, so design your system around this.
3. Quality is king
Cable quality and installation care is important
Traditional analogue camera systems are forgiving when it comes to bad quality cabling or cable but HD-SDI systems are less forgiving due to the size of the digital data flowing down the cable so it's really important not to use “budget cable” with HD-SDI. All “AntiHum” branded CCTV cable is guaranteed great performance up to 100m with our HD-SDI cameras and DVRs.
4. Time to upgrade
You can't fit an HD-SDI camera on an old analogue DVR
Because HD-SDI cameras and are a digital output compared to the traditional analogue CCTV cameras you can not use an HD-SDI camera on an existing analogue DVR.