Learn More About HD-TVI

High Definition Transport Video Interface

alien MegaHero and alein MaxPix DVRs

Why not Ask the Expert?

I'm sure as a CCTV installer, you have probably already been asked about HD for CCTV systems. HD TV sets and Sky HD subscriptions raise the bar for what the tech-savvy public expects to see on screen these days.

When you look at the bare facts and understand what the figures mean, the decision to go HD becomes much easier to understand.

alienDVR TVI vs Analogue

  HD-TVI 2.0 Analogue
Video resolution 1080P 700TVL
RG59 cable distance (Max limits) 500-800m* 100-200m*
CAT5 cable distance (Passive Balun) 100m (DVR can boost to 200m) 100m
Up the Coax Data Yes (the alien MegaHero TVI DVR boasts �up the coax� telemetry for camera control) Limited (some models only)
1080P specification supported (FPS) 25 N/A
DVR Compatibility (alien MegaHero) TVI - Yes, IP - YES, Analogue - YES N/A

*depends on cable quality


  HD-TVI 2.0 IP
Image Quality 1080p (now) 8MP in development Lossless 1080P (& higher) Loss
Bandwidth Problems No Yes
Transmit Distance CO-AX 500-800m Doesn't Work
Transmission Distance CAT5 100m (passive Balun) 100m
Easy Install Very Easy Complex
Unit Cost Low High