...so what�s so great about HD-TVI?


alien MegaHero HD
An easy upgrade path as it uses standard RG59 cable
Unlike IP-HD technology, TVI still uses 75 ohm CO-AX cable so there is no need to rewire a whole new cabling infrastructure when you upgrade.
No network configuration or modification is required
Using a separate cable infrastructure gives the CCTV installer the advantage of working independently of the IT system, this means less chance of call backs to a network that you didn't design, create or install.
Standalone so immune to network interruptions
Other than a connection to the router for remote monitoring purposes, the TVI system can run independently without suffering from interruption in the network.
Near zero latency (video delay)
Being unreliant on the network also means no bandwidth problems when vital recordings are required thus avoiding the dreaded buffering effect.
High resolution images
HD-TVI offers 20x the picture quality of a basic analogue (CIF quality) recorder.
Global non-proprietary system
TVI isn't a proprietary technology such as others like HD-CVI so you have more freedom to choose the CCTV solution that is right for the job and the prices aren't held artificially high by any single global electronics giant. Even IP standards still vary though ONVIF is become the most widely spread.
By choosing good quality RG59 cable, the camera�s HD signal does not need compressing like an IP camera and so can deliver results with less video loss.
TVI has high resistance to EM Interference
What's more the TVI signal intrinsically holds a good resistance to Electro Magnetic interference so much longer cabling runs (up to 500m) can be used than with HD-SDI or in an IP system cabled with CAT5.
Plug and Play
Co-ax cable and BNCs make installation simple for alarm and CCTV installers alike, no network knowledge is required.
Futureproof Triple Technology
What's more leading DVR names such as AlienDVR have triple Technology DVRs that allow analogue, IP and HD-TVI to be used in the same unit. This triple compatibility gives the user maximum flexibility when it comes to upgrading, it is an easy decision to upgrade the DVR now and replace the analogue cameras with HD-TVI models as and when affordable or worst case scenario when the older analogue cameras gradually fail.
TVI 2.0 technology makes HD cameras and DVRs even more affordable & reliable, here is why!
The chip set of the TVI 2.0 standard means that it's far easier to integrate external components and functions of cameras and DVRs so the cost of the electronic PCB assembly of these is greatly reduced which means the finished product is available at a lower cost.
In the Mega Hero DVR itself, the new TVI chipsets support both “Byte Interleave” and “Double Data Rate” signalling. This means the DVR needs less external and expensive SOCs (System-on-a-chip) components which means the product performance and price point make it unbeatable value for money. With less components on the PCB there are naturally less things to fail and when combined with lower overall heat from less components, life expectancy is also increased.