Maximum Quality Maximum Features

The AlienMax HD DVR

Ideal for high end CCTV applications

At the heart of the AlienMax beats an array of extra powerful DSPs to enable it faster multitasking performance and superb recording quality. The extra processing even allows Video Analytics to be built in to the AlienMax, see our section on “Instant Detective” feature for more details. The powerful DSPs allow effortless synchronised multi-Channel playback that other DVRs struggle to deliver.

Even the case of the AlienMax has a top quality feel, it can be either desktop or 19" Rack mounted so it can be used in most installs from a top quality domestic install to larger shops or Town Centre schemes. Under the lid, the AlienMax can accommodate up to 8 HDDs of 4TB each (if a DVD writer is fitted this is 7 plus the writer) which provides a huge 32TB of “built-in” storage. A multitude of connections on the rear of the AlienMax make it a number one choice for the professional installer who has all the favourite loopthroughs, additional spot monitors, HDMI, E-SATA, Dual LAN at his disposal.

Now available the alienMax HD with Realtime 1080p recording on every channel giving you maximum quality and maximum features!

HD-SDI Video Inputs
HD-SDI stands for High Definition Serial Digital Interface, but most people call it by the abbreviation HD-SDI. In essence the main advantage over traditional analogue CCTV systems is HD-SDI sends video in a digital uncompressed format to deliver staggering picture quality.
Free DNS
The alienMax range comes with free DNS service making the Max HD even better value as it saves you time and money.
Control Devices Remotely
Using the CCTV Window software, you can remotely control up to 4 relays from anywhere in the world. Floodlights, electric gates, a bell box or a sounder can be switched on and off using this superb feature.
Email Notification of an Alarm Event
Be alerted of a visitor or an intruder at home when you're at work, from your business when you're not there or wherever you are in the world! The DVR sends an email with 3 JPEG attachments showing the “activated” CCTV camera image taken before, during and just after the alarm event occurs.
Instant Detective
Instant Detective is a great feature for recordings captured in busy public spaces such as stations or airports as it can be used to limit the time spent by an operator or the police reviewing hours of recorded footage.
2 Zone Talkback
2-way audio channel allows you to talkback to 2 separate areas under surveillance using an external speaker such as the VoiceOff (VOX200).
Priority HDD Management
Allocate key cameras a drive for recording whilst remaining cameras are left with the remaining drives to share. Giving extended recording time to the key camera. In effect each camera can be given a certain amount of it's own disc space.
Duplicate Drive Recording
alienMax has a “Duplicate” drive recording facility, where the DVR can be managed to make 2 drives record the same images, thus creating a back up within the DVR itself in case of a hard drive error.
File Lock
If an immediate copy of evidence cannot be made, the DVR has a “File Lock” facility to prevent a recorded file from being overwritten completely. This can be unlocked once it is certain that a copy has been made.
AutoPort Plug-and-Play for Fast Internet Setup
AutoPort removes all the hassle and complication from setting up port forwarding. AutoPort “Plug-and-Play” means the DVR can automatically configure compatible routers for you, making internet setup easier than ever before.
Multi Channel Playback
See what happened where and when using the DVR's multi-channel playback feature to view up to 16 cameras at once on the same screen! The alienMax even allows synchronised playback so it's easy to watch the build up to an event on multiple cameras at once.
HDMI, BNC & VGA Outputs - Use All 3 at Once
The alienMax's HDMI output provides a crystal clear, high definition image and works simultaneously with the standard BNC composites video outputs and the VGA output.
Built-in Help Documents
Each alienMax features built-in help documents accessible at all times so you'll always have help on hand.