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The DVR will need to be returned via your installer to be reset as 'backdoor' passwords would compromise security.

The default username and password can be found in the manual.

5 installations can be activated.

The license key is printed on the installation CD

CCTVWindow is licensed software so is not available as a free download. Please enquire with your installer/reseller to purchase a new copy.

The drive size can be accurately calculated by using the AlienHDcalc app

Yes, if there is no internal DVD writer then you can still use the USB interface to connect an external DVD writer to copy your footage.

There is a USB interface you can use to copy to a USB drive.

VGA and CVBS are treated as separate outputs and can be configured independently.

Yes, all the AlienDVRs can be connected to a network and as long as you configure the router's port forwarding correctly you will be able to access it over the Internet.

Yes, using the free CCTVWindows software that comes with all the alienDVRs you can control both the DVR and PTZ cameras.

To network a DVR you will need a network cable and router.

We have a selection on how to guides giving you help on networking. You can find them in our How To section.

Your installer should be able to set this up for you. We do have a range of how to guides on this in our How To section. However, if you are still having problems configuring you network we may be able to arrange a remote support session, though there may be a charge for this. To request one please go to

No, the only way you may be able to use CCTVWindows on a Mac is if you use a virtual Windows machine on a Mac with an intel processor. Please note we do have apps for the iPhone and iPad.

You can use iPhones and iPads and also Android based tablets and phones.

Go to our mobile client page for the links to the apps you will need.

Yes, just go to iTunes store and search for alien dvr. We have a video tutorial on how to download it.

As long as the DVR is connected to a router and port forwarding has been configured correctly the\n you should be able to connect to the DVR with your phone once you have installed the app.

Please ask your installer about upgrading your hard drive capacity.

You can connect an external DVD writer via the USB interface.

Please contact your supplier for availability, alternatively you could try a universal remote control.

Using the RS485 you can connect an external PTZ Keyboard or PTZ cameras. The AlienDVR can use several protocols including Pelco D and P.

You would use RS485 when you want to control a PTZ Keyboard and cameras. You can also use it on some cameras to gain access to their OSD menu and for our Kontrol & Kommand unit.

With the RS232 you can trigger the VoiceOff audio unit or a relay through the Kontrol and Kommand device.

You would use the RS232 when you wanted to trigger the VoiceOff audio unit or a relay through the Kontrol & Kommand device from your alienDVR.

To seek support for your alienDVR, contact your installer.

Please contact us using our online form or our Live Chat service & we will try to assist you with details of a local installer or our Zippy Desktop Support software.

You can find the serial number on a label at the back or right hand side of the DVR. You can also find it from the menu system. On older models: Menu->Maintenance->Information. On new ones: Menu->Tools.

Please get in touch with your supplier as they will be able to tell you their warranty policy, if you are an installer you can get in touch with us via our contact page

If you supply us with your post code we will give you contact details of a local installer/supplier who will be able to help you. Please bare in mind there may be a charge for support.

The simple answer is yes. Although there are exceptions, primarily private households and some organisations, there is a duty by all scheme operators to respect an individual's privacy and basic human rights. This means ensuring that if individuals are likely to be captured on a CCTV system, that they must to be informed of such using appropriate signage.

According to the guidelines for good CCTV practice, when a person enters an area where CCTV images are being recorded of them, they should be made aware of this by visible signage.

More information can be found at the web site and at the Information Commissioner's Office web site.

Instant Detective is a feature that searches through old video recordings stored on the DVR for movement in a particular area so you can find out what happened in seconds without trawling through hours of footage. For more information please see our Tip no. 235.

You can search by time for an incident or in certain models you can use instant detective.

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